Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an Accounts Payable Audit cost?

Condata Global works on a contingency fee basis which means you pay nothing unless we recover overpayments on your behalf. There are no hidden fees or service charges.

How much experience do you have?

Condata Global has been in the audit and recovery business since 1956 and since 1998 we have utilized our best-in-class technology to perform audits of electronic payment files for duplicate payments, payment errors and other overpayments. After substantial strategic investment and careful preparation, Condata Global is pleased to offer our AP Audit and Recovery service to the Accounts Payable industry.

How much staff time will it take to support an audit?

Very little. We are very sensitive to our clients’ time and have designed the process so our auditors can work independently.

How will this impact my vendor relationships?

It is our hope to improve them. Vendors understand that payment mistakes can be made and they usually try to help resolve them when they are asked. We are experienced working directly with vendors to resolve overpayment questions.

Can you audit P-Card or Credit Card purchases?

Yes. Once we obtain your P-Card data we will compare it to your paid invoices to insure you have not made duplicate or erroneous payments.

Will you need to be on-site to conduct the audit?

Not unless that is what you prefer. Most of our customers prefer that we work off-site to independently identify, validate, and collect your overpayments. Please specifically mention it to our sales representatives if your process requires an on-site audit so that we can accommodate your reuest.

Do you audit international transactions?

Yes. Our staff has been performing international audits for decades, and most of the audits we perform for our customers today have a large international component.

Do you audit EDI?

Yes. Condata Global continuously improves our technology to keep pace with how our clients do business, and EDI is an important and growing component in every audit we perform. We will audit every transaction to insure no overpayments have been made.

What are our next steps?

Let’s get together and talk about your company’s needs so we can get started today! Please contact us at: or call us at 708-462-2660.