AP Audit Technology and Analytics

Leading the industry in the use of advanced AP audit technology

Audit Technology

Our revolutionary and proprietary audit system is proven to ensure maximum recoveries for hundreds of different types of errors such as duplicate payments, payment errors, currency and exchange rate errors, escheatment issues, wrong vendors paid, unallocated funds, and unprocessed credit memos, etc. Utilizing our proprietary software, our IT professionals design customized best-in-class solutions for each of our clients. In short, our industry leading technology allows our audit staff to perform the most advanced and thorough AP audit service in the world.

Condata also employs its proprietary CPAS system to generate data, comprehensive reports, strategic information and analytics our customers rely upon and expect. When requested, CPAS can also link your payment data to our secure web portal, allowing our clients to make the informed decisions they need about their payment and transaction practices. In addition, CPAS also provides your vendors with the information they need to review and process claims in the most efficient and timely way possible.

Web Portal Technology and Analytics

Our website's report generation and analytics tools utilize several technologies including our CPAS technology and is available to all Condata customers. The tool provides easy access to all payment and claims data along with all appropriate backup information. In short, customers are able to generate the reports and analytics they need to manage their accounts payable processes.

Network Security

Providing the network and internet security our customers demand to protect their data.

We receive millions of EDI records, payment files, and other information each year from our customers. Condata Global maintains strict security standards for the receipt and transmission of this valuable data. Our systems support all encryption platforms to secure various data transfers. We continually update our security features and policies in order to stay current with international network and security standards including:

  • Data at Rest Encryption
  • Database Transmission Encryption
  • File Authorization Protocols
  • Multi-factor Authentication
Client Login

Our best-in-class web portal and analytics tools allow clients full access to view and generate the reports they need to understand and improve their AP processes.

In addition to these unique features, Condata Global also provides access to our web portal for your vendors in order to allow them to view their status in the audit. Vendors who want their claim information are given secure access to all of their claims with a multitude of sorting options. Please mouse over some of the reports below to show what is available to you.

The Condata Difference

LaptopGlobal Leader

Since 1956, Condata Global has been the leader in audit and recovery services and our industry leading technology is second to none.

iPhoneMulti Format

We perform comprehensive AP audits on all formats of EDI, electronic payment files and invoice images for all overpayments.

CogAll Industries

Condata performs AP audits for all industries including manufacturing, automotive, oil and gas, healthcare, retail and finance.

ChemicalTop Tier Clients

Although clients in the Fortune 1000 are Condata’s primary focus, we work with all clients who have audit spends in excess of $300M.

ApplicationsBalanced Process

Condata employs a balanced AP audit process with our experienced AP audit staff and our state-of-the-art electronic AP audit capabilities.

GlobeAP Audit Technology

Technology advancement is central to our AP audits and Condata updates our software continually to reflect current trends in the industry.


We pride ourselves in the strong relationships we develop with our customers and our customers’ vendors. Let us partner with you.

Light BulbSingular Focus

Our sole offering is our audit and recovery service. Our staff and technology are dedicated to this singular focus.

Our "My Condata" client portal allows 24/7 client access to all audit data