AP Audit and Recovery Solutions

The future of AP Audit is now. Our Technology and Staff will show you why.

AP Audit Solutions

Our Accounts Payable Audit Team excels in domestic and international AP audit solutions—all on a contingency fee basis. Our AP Audit uses our advanced technology and our best-in-class AP Audit team electronically audits accounts payable records using our proprietary AP Audit Technology to uncover overpayments and recovery opportunities. We work directly with your vendors to verify our findings and determine the best way to recover your overpayments. We then submit only approved deductions to our clients during the recovery process.

Condata Global’s AP Audit supports your financial compliance requirements and helps control accounting process leakage. We provide routine business reviews to communicate our observations and offer recommdations as part of our audits.

Our AP Audit

Normal AP processes generate hundreds of different types of payment errors, processing errors and other overpayments every day. Condata Global stands ready to improve your financial performance and turn your routine practices into best practices. We audit each of your payments utilizing our best-in-class technology to identify and recover these overpayments.

Our expert audit team and industry leading technology work in tandem to thoroughly review every vendor payment your system processes utilizing our best-in-class technology to identify and recover these overpayments.

Secondary AP Audits

A secondary AP audit occurs after your primary provider has completed their audit and is usually requested by companies who want to ensure that every overpayment is recovered. Oftentimes, companies with accounts payable spends in excess of $2B require a second audit to ensure all recoveries have been realized. These types of audits are generally performed six months behind your primary auditor and are only performed if you suspect that some of your smaller vendors are not currently being fully audited. As some AP audit firms focus almost exclusively on your largest vendors, a secondary AP audit ensures that you are recovering all of your lost overpayments from all of your vendors.

International AP Audits

Our international AP audit reviews all payments made in all currencies around the world including the various taxes that are charged by country. The AP audit we perform uses our cutting edge technology to look for hundreds of different payment errors as part of the most extensive and thorough international AP audit in the industry. Our clients have confidence that we will audit every transaction your company has made, regardless of where in the world it was made. Common findings aside from our usual findings include currency errors, exchange rate errors and overpayments in duties and taxes.

Freight Audits

Our freight auditors excel in domestic and international post audit solutions for numerous shippers, all on a contingency fee basis. Our best-in-class freight audit covers all transportation modes including truck, rail, air, ocean and parcel and encompasses intermodal and international shipments (import/export) using our industry leading proprietary freight audit technology. Condata Global supports your financial compliance requirements and helps you control your transportation costs within contractual time limits to capture maximum results.